Is a countrywide collection/delivery service designed to offer a fast and cost effective solution for all your collection/delivery needs. 

Both you and your client will be informed by e-mail on the progress of each delivery.

This process will consist of three e-mails:  

1.     Acknowledgement of Request  

2.     Confirmation of Collection

3.     Confirmation of Delivery.

These e-mails will report any collection or delivery failure and the reason for the failure

The system caters for multiple collection/deliveries and reoccurring collection/deliveries.

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Imagine a situation when you need to send a small load as soon as possible. It becomes obvious that paying for a whole truck, for example, to send two or three pallets of cargo would then be extremely expensive. A logical solution to that problem would be to find 'fellow-travellers' and share the cost of freight in proportion to weight, volume, the number of pallets and load metres. In short, this is the economical meaning of this type of service.

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